Mitsubishi L200 4×4 Fiberglass Uro-Camper

Mitsubishi L200 4×4 Fiberglass Uro-Camper

Mounted to this L200 Quad Cab Diesel Mistubishi truck is a fiberglass cab-over, pop up Kubic camper made by URO-Camper located in Spain. It’s fiberglass shell is designed similar to a boat hull, being a one piece construction. This eliminates any seams that could potentially leak over time. The camper features a tilt style pop up roof that provided additional head room for the occupants.


Uro-Camper plant is located in Sevilla Spain which is about 200 kilometers from Morocco. These folks are truly compassionate about adventure and have an extensive line of off-road camper options. Since its inception Uro-Camper has made it their mission to build the best off-road campers available. Their products are engineered to handle the worst of environmental conditions and off road expedition use.

The company name is derived from an extinct animal. The Uro was an ox like animal, It had big horns and was a strong and sturdy animal. It is  It is the ancestor of domestic cattle.  On top of that this creature was quick.


The particular model that is mounted to this Mitsubishi truck is called the Kubic. The camper is mounted direct into the bed of the truck. The walls are made of smooth fiberglass molded shell. It features a aerodynamic extended cab over section that is well suited for quad cab trucks. The aerodynamic design not only create a unique style it also helps with reduce fuel consumption. This provide extra sleeping space. The roof can either be open or closed while sleeping. It can be closed during adverse weather conditions like sand storms, heavy rain, strong winds keeping the occupant safe and comfortable. The size and height can be adjusted during the design build process for a truly custom camper. The camper is comfortable sleep up to four people. The roof has a hinged pop-up style roof.

The camper is constructed of polyester fiberglass monocoque exoskeleton and a great structural strength. with insulation. The single hull design provides smooth edges with no joints. No joints means better weather seal properties and better resistant to shock will off the road.

Mitsubishi L200 Quad Cab Truck

To get around this camper uses a Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck. The truck is powered by a powerful 4n15 turbocharged inter-cooled diesel aluminum engine. It features a 5 speed automatic transmission. This transmission provides smooth gear changes. In addition it has Super Select 4 wheel drive system. This offer 4 different driving modes that can be selected depending on driving conditions. This truck allows the driver on road and off road capabilities. To stabilize the vehicle it is equipped with M-ASTC Active Stability Control that detects when the vehicle is unstable and make appropriate adjustments to the engine and brake to help stabilize the vehicle. This is also Traction Control that will detect wheel slippage and will automatically make adjustments to help gain control.


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