Surf’s up!

Surf’s up!

This custom box camper is mounted to a flat bed on a Dodge Ram 4×4 extended cab truck. There are some interesting features on this rig. Notice at the rear there is a cantilever section that over hangs about 18″.  As you can see it also make a great surf board storage area.

On the drivers side of the cantilever is an access ladder to the roof.  Although you cannot see the roof it must be sturdy enough to have people on it.  With a lawn chair by the beach it should provide a great view.

One of the stickers on the camper is Nida-Core.  This makes me to believe that the walls are constructed with Nida-Core, a fiberglass paneling.  What makes the panel special is the honeycomb reinforcement between two sheets of fiberglass.  This design make a very solid and sturdy wall.  As a result of the honeycomb the walls are also very lightweight.

As you look at the truck cab you will also notice a very beefy roof rack which in this case make a great location for a spare tire.  This also makes the off road look.

The truck is a Dodge Ram two door extra cab.  The has a 4×4 drivetrain. The body looks like it was lifted to provide extra ground clearance.  These features makes this truck camper a great off road adventure vehicle.

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