You Must See This Crazy Mitsubishi Fuso Bigfoot Camper

You Must See This Crazy Mitsubishi Fuso Bigfoot Camper

Here is an interesting truck camper mashup.  The vehicle base is a cab over engine Mitsubishi Fuso Truck.  This truck is outfitted with an aluminum flat bed that become the base for the camper.  Mitsubishi Fuso are great utility truck and make a great vehicle for a truck camper The camper is a cab over, slide in Bigfoot camper.  These campers a manufactured in Canada.  The over shell is strong sturdy fiberglass.  Fiberglass makes a great material to build a camper shell.  It can withstand adverse weather.  Fiberglass can also be molded into smooth stylish lines.  Even though the Bigfoot camper is a cab over design, this one does not hang over the truck cab.  Instead, the camper is mounted toward the rear of the flat bed.  This leave a cavity under the cab over section.  In order to maximize space this are is used  for storage cabinets.  These cabinets can hold a lot of camping gear. This extra space allows for longer camping expeditions. Reducing the need to get supply.


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  1. I love the idea of your new blog! I’m a huge truck camper fan, for never having had one! 🙂
    I collect pictures from the internet, I have a huge folder.
    Just one thing, you should really show interiors, that’s the part that’s most interesting to me, how people live in such a tiny “adventure capsule”, how they work everything in, the closets, the bathroom, the bedside storage etc.

  2. I always wanted one based on the Isuzu Cityvan turbo 4cyl diesel. We had a fuel truck with that chassis and it was a great little thing, but the tank had issues. they replaced it with the same size truck, but the engine was a Japanese built small block Chevy. Got horrid fuel burn, but it sure did move fast, especially when empty.

  3. I think if your planning on full time rving living in a truck camper placing them on a commercial truck rather than a 1/2 ton or 1 even ton plus pickup is way to go. Most diesel engines in commercial trucks are made to last double to triple what your pickup diesels are designed to last. They are also much easier to work on since many are designed to last a million miles. Depending on the truck you decide to place it on it will cost extra money doing some engineering so the camper will fit correctly with the right center of gravity. But once complete you have a camper that will allow you the space needed to carry all the supplies you will need plus a truck that will last the long haul. Starting see more and more of these applications and I will really like them.

    Saw one placed on a F750 extended cab and it was one of the best engineered ones I’ve ever seen but the guy spent some money on the engineeerimg and customization to make the truck and camper fit together perfect.

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