Mitsubishi Fuso Flatbed Truck Fiberglass Pop Up Box Camper

Mitsubishi Fuso Flatbed Truck Fiberglass Pop Up Box Camper
What to do when it starts to snow in the wilderness? Hunker down in a comfortable truck camper. It is starting to get cold and a light snow begins, fortunately with the truck camper there is protection from the elements.
This rig has a fiberglass pop-up camper shell mounted to a Mitsubishi Fuso truck.  This is a great combination for any camping adventure.  Although the camper does not have a manufacturers badge it may be a custom built shell.  A popup camper has a roof section the will lower when the vehicle is in motion and will raise at the campground when parked.  This provides a reduction in fuel usage because there is less wind resistance.  And for this camper with an almost vertical flat surface on the from this is important.  One thing missing that is popular with many camper is the cab over.  This camper I would classify as a “Box” camper.  The box is a very simple design. The roof is lifted by some mechanical method like hydraulics.
The outer shell is constructed of FRP fiberglass laminate.  Fiberglass is a great material to build a camper skin.  It can made in a mold thus reducing the seams needed in other materials like aluminum.  Fiberglass is also self supporting and usually does not require a skeleton frame. The fiberglass surface is finished in a smooth white gel coat.
Some popup camper will use a canvas to fill in the gap when lifting the roof section. That is not the case here.  The design is a clam shell style where the roof fit over the lower portion of the camper.
Let us not forget the truck.  Here we have a Mitsubishi Fuso truck.  This is a cab over engine truck making less cab so there is more cargo area.  The bed is a steel flat bed utility style with cargo boxes installed on the side.
One piece of equipment that makes life easier is a trail bike.  As you can see this motorcycle is mounted to the front bumper.  A trail bike make is fun and easy to get around and explore. Trail bikes are lightweight and easy to maneuver over rough terrain. A great way to get around camp


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