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Huge Ford F650 Overbilt Extended Crew Cab Box Camper

Huge Truck Camper

Go Big or go Home! When this truck camper arrives you know it as a shadow is cast among the campers. Here is a huge Ford F650 Extended Crew Cab with a custom box camper. The cab seats five and has a total of 6 doors. The truck is a Class 6 medium duty
with Front engine, rear wheel drive Drivetrain layout. It is powered by a Turbodiesel I-6, iron block/head engine.

The camper is a custom built utility box conversion. And just in case you need some additional living space there is tent style slide out and a hinged roof on the cab over section. Also take note of the fold down door at the back. It creates an nice patio platform with an awning for that extra bit of outdoor luxury.


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