Unique Tiger Stripe Home Built Chevrolet Truck Camper

Unique Tiger Stripe Home Built Chevrolet Truck Camper

Homemade truck campers make great projects for the do-it-yourselfers. It is a great way to express yourself.  On top of that you can save a lot of money over pre-made truck campers.  All you need is an idea and some wood, aluminum or fiberglass sparked with a bit of imagination.

Here we have a classic 1968 Classic C20 Custom Camper Chevrolet fleetside pickup with a wild black and gold tiger stripe paint job. The paint job is sure to attract some attention.

Home Built Camper

Mounted to this amazing truck is a home made camper with bright blue paint and burgundy trim which in my opinion over shadows the tiger stripe paint job.  The camper is build from wood and has a plywood exterior.   The exterior walls are flush with the side of the truck bed.  It is a slide on design.  For a rear deck all that is needed is to drop down the tailgate.  The rear door features a round port hold style window.  From the outside it appears that the roof is extended higher than a normal camper.  This is one of the advantages of building your own camper. It can be custom fit to you.  The camper also features a cab over sleeping section.

Chevrolet “Glamour” Pickup

This particular truck is known as the “Glamour Pickup”. It is one of the most appreciated collector vehicle. The styling was refined and regarded a handsome.  It provided plenty of power with the standard engine being either a 250 six of 283 V8.  The standard transmission is a tree-speed manual drive train. For the Custom Camper it included heavier springs, shocks and had a front stabilizer bar. As this is a C20, that is the designation for a 3/4 ton truck.  Which plenty of pay load capacity for this home made camper.


Tiger Truck Camper Rear View

Tiger Truck Camper



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