Dodge Pickup Pop Up Camper

Dodge Pickup Pop Up Camper

Here is a Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab Pickup with an aluminum utility flat bed. It is the base for this XPCamper popup style Camper. This unit is designed for the ultimate overland experience. The standard bed was removed and replaced with a flatbed that provide additional storage access on each side of the vehicle. Although this is mounted to a flat bed and is similar to a chassis mount, this one is actually a slide in type camper. It can be removed at any time. The overland experience requires durable vehicle that will take adventurer to difficult off road location.

This particular XPCamper is a pop up style camper where the roof will lower while driving. The sleek fiberglass design in the cab over section provides minimal wind resistance. Once at camp, the roof raises to provide adequate headroom for the occupants. All that is needed to move the roof is a touch of a button.

The camper is manufactured by XPXamper LLC located in Grass Valley California. The materials used to built their campers include carbon fiber, composites, aluminum and foam. Here the fiberglass shell is a frameless one piece design

To haul this camper is a Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab. The Quad cab is essentially a Club Cab with the addition of doors. Making this a four door. The 3500 is a heavy duty one ton truck that is perfect for this camping unit. Dodge is an American manufacture that has been building truck for decades. The Quad Cab features four doors and two rows of seating inside. This is perfect for family or groups to travel.

For the cab over the manufacture selected canvas type material for the wall. Canvas is durable and will easily collapse when the top is down.

The truck also includes a front bush guard and winch. For anybody who love the off road adventure. You know that these are essential.

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