Del Rey Kamp King Sky Lounge Truck Camper

Del Rey Kamp King Sky Lounge Truck Camper

This truck camper was built by McNamee Coach Corporation in South El Monte under the”Kamp King Koaches” division.

The Kamp King Koaches unique tri-level Sky Rider a chassis-mount camper, that precedes today’s Class C motorhomes. Just about everything this Monte, Calif.-based manufacturer did stretched the envelope in one fashion or another.

M.D. McNameeThe brains behind the company was Merle D McNamee.  Merle is the 1992 RV Hall Of Fame inductee for his innovative ideas that shaped the recreational vehicle industry.  He loved camping a realized that there was a better way to experience camping. This lead him to create the first slide in truck camper.  It was a basic box style with a couple of cots for sleeping.  As an inventor he developed some innovative ideas and processes. He introduced the foam sandwich fiberglass panels to RV manufacturing. In addition he developed jack to ease the loading and removing of campers. But one of his finest creations is the tri-level Sky Rider camper.

This three level truck camper was built in the mid-sixties.  Level one is the kitchen area, level two is the cab over section. Level three is the extended roof and sky deck area. The extended roof includes additional sleeping area above the kitchen area.

This camper feature many things.  There is the sun deck that is accessed by a fold up roof.  The roof hinges from the rear and creates a passage way to enjoy the “Sky Lounge” At the rear of the camper is another slide out section that helps increase the living space inside the camper. This is their “Snap and Nap” feature. The other really cool concept is the cab over section.  The roof is slightly higher than the average cab over.  This is to accommodate a place for additional passenger seating. There is a nice Plexiglas wrap around picture window that allows the top side passengers to enjoy the view. Keep in mind that this is was built in the 60’s and since then there has been many safety regulations that for today this would be a no go.

The Kamp King Koaches predate the Amerigo. Both of these are fiberglass skinned campers.  It is believed that Amerigo bought or licensed the “Snap and Nap” design from McNamee sometime in the 60’s.  John Gardner bought Amerigo around 1971 in order to get the molded fiberglass technology used in the Sunrader campers.  The Sunraders campers were built using the trade name “Snap and Nap” feature


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