Sunrader Fiberglass Camper on Toyota 4×4

Sunrader Fiberglass Camper on Toyota 4×4

Sunrader fiberglass camper mounted to a Toyota 4×4 pickup c. 1987, It is a   chassis mount cab over camper.  This truck also includes a bush guard and bug shield. You will also notice there is an awning on the side. To get inside the camper there is passenger side access door.

The Sunrader fiberglass camper was built by Gardner Pacific out of Vallejo, California. Most Sunrader motor homes were built on Toyota truck frames. The manufacturer built two sizes  18′ and 21 foot. The fiberglass shells is built in a two-piece female mold blown with a chopper gun using polyester resin.

With the exception of the floor and door the Sunrader campers is 100% molded fiberglass. Fiberglass is a great material to build a camper.

like many mini-home builders, the company purchased bought basic Cab & Chassis units from Toyota and installed their camper unit on them.

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