Unimog Alaskan Camper on Utility Bed

Unimog Alaskan Camper on Utility Bed

Here is a rugged off road 4×4 Unimog with an Alaskan pop up aluminum skinned camper mounted to a sturdy steel utility flat bed. A headache bar is mounted behind the drivers compartment. The Alaskan camper was originally designed to slide in to a conventional truck bed. This of course leaves an alcove at the bottom sides. To utilize that space, it is used as additional storage. It is a great place to mount a propane tank and other camping gear and supplies. The sides fold down to make a seating bench which is a nice feature. There is a hinged mechanism that allows the bench to move. Unimog trucks are manufactured by Mercedes Benz. Because of the height of the utility bed deck, fold up stairs are used to access the inside of the camper. This truck camper is ready to camp just about anywhere.

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