Fiberglass Camper Mounted to Flat Bed Truck

Fiberglass Camper Mounted to Flat Bed Truck

Here is a pop up fiberglass slide in camper mounted on a utility flatbed. The truck is a 1980  four wheel drive Mercedes Unimog 1300. The engine is a5.5L turbo-diesel. This utility vehicle is capable of traveling off road. This four wheel drive truck could go just about anywhere in the desert. Blazing your own road and going where no one has gone before.

Here it is in a desert camp. The utility bed is so high it requires six steps just to get into the camper. That’s mighty high!

The pop up fiberglass Alaskan camper goes up and down. When traveling down the road, it is lowered to reduce wind resistance. At the campsite it is raised to allow adequate headroom inside the camper.

Because it’s not mounted on a bed, there is plenty of storage space on the outside of the camper on the bed. Notice on the flatbed utility truck that the sides fold down providing access to items stored on the truck bed.

This looks like a very secluded desert spot to enjoy the outdoors.  This is a great place to unplug and relax in the warmth of the desert sun.

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