Mercedes Unimog Pop up Camper

Mercedes Unimog Pop up Camper

Mercedes Unimog 4WD truck.

Here is a Mercedes Unimog 435/U1300 4 wheel drive truck with a flat bed with fold down sides.

As far as expedition vehicles are concerned the 435 is an incredible choice.  What make is one of the best truck camper is its high-mobility long range capabilities.  It features a unique rear platform is chassis that allows for a lot of twisting and torsion stress.  This keeps the bed area from being ripped apart in extreme off road conditions.

There is a lot of space in the bed area for camper installs.  The bed, chassis and axles provide high payload capacity.  It is really difficult to load this vehicle down.  Which means the camper can bring plenty of water, fuel and supplies.

The turning radius is incredible making it very maneuverable.  It also have incredible ground clearance.  The Unimog 435 is one of the most desirable of off road expedition platforms.

The manufacturer of this vehicle is Unimog and the model name is 1300/435.  The estimated year is circa 1990.  The category for this vehicle falls under Van or Truck up to 7.5 ton.  These vehicles are powered with a 135 horsepower engine

The Unimog is a four wheel drive multi-purpose medium duty truck built by Mercedes-Benz. The name is an acronym that loosely translates to Universal Motor Gerät. The word Gerät means machine in German.

Alaskan Camper

To complete this truck camper rig is an Alaskan camper.  The Alaskan is best known for their pop-up design.  The pop-up lowers when traveling. This reduces wind resistance and also provide clearance for bridges and overpasses.  That is important with this rig as it is such a high ground clearance vehicle.


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