Jeep FC 170 with Trillium Jubilee Trailer

Jeep FC 170 with Trillium Jubilee Trailer

Willys produce this 1963 Jeep Forward Cab (FC). The production run for this vehicle was between 1956 to 1965.  The reason for the name is because of the cab over engine design.  This model was primarily designated as corporate, municipal, military and limited civilian use.

Mounted to this Jeep FC is a 1976 Jubilee Trillium fiberglass shell trailer.  Fiberglass has been quite a bit in the RV industry.  The trailer fiberglass shell was removed from the trailer chassis and bolted to this Jeep FC-170. This trailer came equipped with a 2 burner propane stove, gravity style furnace, 3 way refrigerator.  It also includes a sink with hand pump and a grey water holding tank. It does not include a built in toilet but there is a space for a portable toilet.

Trillium trailers come out of Ontario Canada.  The last production run from Trillium was in the early 1980’s.  However Outback acquired the molds and continued production.

Here are the specification for the Jeep FC…


Jeep FC 150 Brochure with Specifications

Here is an inside view of the trailer looking toward the bunk area with the kitchenette found on the left with the refrigerator found on the left.

Trillium Trailer Interior


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