Ford Truck Alaskan Pop Up Camper

Ford Truck Alaskan Pop Up Camper

The really cool thing about the truck camper is the various combination that can be created.  Here is a Ford F350 Super Duty truck.  Installed on the truck chassis is a Utility service body.  Slid into the utility bed is an Alaskan camper.

The Truck

The Ford truck has the extended cab.  In the beginning of extended cab was a 2 door truck with some extra space behind the front seat and 2 additional rear side windows.  Over time however some extended cab include a 3rd door and rear seat.

The Bed

The utility service bed is a great option when putting a truck camper rig together.  The bed replaces the original bed and provide additional storage that is accessible from the side of the truck. A lot of supplies and camping gear can be stored in the cabinets.

The Camper

Mounted on the utility service bed is an Alaskan slide in cab over camper.  The Alaskan camper have a roof that raises and lowers.  To accomplish this the top slides over the bottom half in a clam shell like manner.  The roof raise to provide standing room inside while at camp.  When it is time to travel compact the camper by lowering the roof.  With less front wall surface there is less wind resistance. This give better gas mileage.  It also helps with driving stability when navigating through cross winds.  When the roof raises a canvas like soft side wall cover the cab-over section.

The Extras

There are a few extras that finish off this rig.  Mounted to the camper is a roof rack.  This allows for hauling items on the roof. On the front is a spare tire.

Roof Rack

Spare Tire mounted in Front

Soft side wall for cab over


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3 Comments on “Ford Truck Alaskan Pop Up Camper

  1. You describe the cabover area of the Alaskan “When the roof raises a canvas like soft side wall cover the cab-over section.” but the unique quality of the Alaskan is that the cabover section is actually hard sided. The hard sides are put in place when raised up and secured. This is the only pop-up truck camper that has this feature! It allows for insulation all around as well as security.

    Just wanted to make that correction!

  2. Regarding the Blue Ford Service Utility truck, this may sound like a weird question but where are the turnbuckles or how is it attached securely to the bed of the truck?

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