Toyota Land Cruiser DIY Camper

Toyota Land Cruiser DIY Camper

White Toyota Land Cruiser with a home built DIY cab over camper permanently mounted to a utility flat bed. The arch top is a nice feature that add strength and style to this home built camper. The Land cruiser is a great choice of vehicle for off road expedition exploring. The rugged four wheel drive will allow this camper to navigate the roughest terrain. The four wheel drive will take the camper into the boondocks for real out of the way camping. The camper has the cab over feature to accommodate an adequate sleeping area. This is a circa 1982’s Land Cruiser with truck cab. My best guess is it is a HJ47 model. The HJ47 power comes from a 4.0-Litre, six-cylinder diesel engine. This vehicle was patterned after the Jeep and Land Rover utility vehicles.

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  1. I have many questions about this as I’m about to get started on a DIY truck camper that will go on a 1976 Land Cruiser bj-45. Would there be any way to get more info on this or (dare I hope) a plan and more photos.


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