Land Rover Defender 130 Ibex Camper

Land Rover Defender 130 Ibex Camper

Land Rover 130 double cab with custom homemade slide in, cab over camper. The Ibex camper is constructed of aluminum frame with fiberglass panel on the exterior.

In 1947 chief designer Maurice Wilks conceived the first Land Rover vehicle for the Rover Company in England.  The inspiration for the Land Rover came from the WWII military Jeep.  In fact the prototype was built on a Jeep chassis.

Here is the Land Rover Defender 130 4×4. The Land Rover Defender is a British four-wheel-drive off-road utility vehicle.  This vehicle was created primarily for utility companies as well as the military. The 130 designation is based on the wheel base measurement. The Defender is a 6 seat, four door cab with a high capacity pick up rear.

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