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Toyota Trucks A Trailblazing Journey Through Time

Hey there, fellow truck aficionados! Get ready to hit the road as we take a trip down memory lane, exploring the incredible history of Toyota trucks. From their humble beginnings to their current status as world-renowned vehicles, Toyota trucks have been on quite the adventure. So, hop in and let’s navigate through the fascinating history Continue Reading

Biofuel-Powered Hybrid Home on Wheels

Sun Ray Gypsy

Inspired by gypsy caravans, Sunray Kelly took his vintage 1984 Toyota dolphin camper vehicle, deconstructed the camper shell, and built a canted-wall, curved-roof frame out of recycled aluminum. This camper is called the Gypsy Wagon, it’s got a wild new shape and a unique solar/electric/diesel hybrid power plant.  The front camper window is really great Continue Reading