Dodge 4×4 Powerwagon with Dreamer Camper

Dodge 4×4 Powerwagon with Dreamer Camper

Dodge Powerwagon

The Dodge Powerwagon was built between 1945 and 1981. This one is circa 1955  These trucks were a light duty four wheel drive vehicle.

The first of the these trucks were based on the design of Dodge 3/4 ton WC military trucks. Dodge entered the commercial market with one of the first four wheel drive trucks.  The first Powerwagon was introduced in 1946. The cab was fully enclosed featured a eight foot bed or cargo box. The fenders are all exterior.  The wheelbase measures 126 inches.  The engine is a 230 cubic-inch flat head inline six.  There is a two speed transfer case along with a 4 speed manual transmission.

The civilian Power Wagon continued the Dodge lineage of four wheel drive trucks from the 1930s, proving basic four wheel drive design concepts and representing a significant predecessor to the many four wheel drive trucks in modern use today. Updated variants continued in production until 1980. The GVWR for this truck is 8700 pounds masking the maximum payload 3000 pounds.

Dreamer Camper

Mounted to this beast of a truck is a circa 1976 Dreamer 9.5ft cab over slide in camper. The Dreamer was built by Travel Industries Inc. The company was one of the leaders in the truck camper market.

Picture Gallery

1976 Dreamer Camper Interior Kitchen 1976 Dreamer Camper Looking Inside 1976 Dreamer Camper Interior Dinette 1976 Dreamer Camper Bathroom

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