Isuzu NPS 300 Four Wheel Drive Custom Truck Camper

Isuzu NPS 300 Four Wheel Drive Custom Truck Camper

Here is a nice truck camper. The camper is custom built. I have to say they did an awesome job putting this together. The camper is designed to come off a be used as a stationary dwelling. To assist with dismounting the camper jacks are used to lower and raise the camper. The cab over provides plenty of sleeping area. The camper is mounted to a custom built flatbed frame.

The truck is a 2009 Isuzu NPS 300.  It is a medium duty truck with a cab over engine tilt cab.  The particular tuck had four wheel drive. This is indicated by the “S” at the end of the model number. The 4WD version was not imported to the United States.

Here is a picture of the camper during the construction of the body.

Work in Progress Camper build

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  1. Hey there, I’m looking for info on the company that constructed the camper shell. I know its not yours, but you may have info I need. I’m purchasing an MTV from an army surplus supplier. I need to find someone who will custom build a detachable shell much like the one you have featured here. Thank you for your time. any info would be appreciated.

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