1956 Commer Q4 Fire Truck Hotel Camper

1956 Commer Q4 Fire Truck Hotel Camper
This is truly a unique idea.  Take and vintage truck build a custom camper on it. Park it in a stunning and beautiful place. Outfit is with the comforts of home.  What do you get? A wonderful bed and breakfast experience.  This vehicle can be found at Inshriach House in Aviemore Scotland.  The hotel is called the Beer Moth The owner salvaged this old fire truck and transformed it into a funky hotel room. It even has a fireplace!
The truck is a 1956 Commer Q4. It was previously used as a fire truck.  The Commer truck was built to handle any cross county all terrain situation. To facilitate this off road ability it has 4 wheel drive and high low transmission. This vehicle was manufactured in Britain as a military/commercial truck.
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