Custom Camper International 4300 Extended Cab

Custom Camper International 4300 Extended Cab

Here is a circa 2005 International CXT 4300 extended cab.  This is part of International’s Extreme Truck Series.  It is part of their attempt to move back into the consumer market.  This line of truck are medium duty.  They were built from 2004 to 2008 in Garland Texas.  The CXT is a commercial truck and requires a CDL to operate.   This model is equipped with permanent 4WD and has a Meritor two speed transfer case. Only the CXT came with an extended cab.

The truck is powered with a 220 horsepower 7.6L DT inline 6 diesel engine and an Allison 5 speed auto transmission. The towing capacity is 20 Tons.  To stop this monster it has air brakes installed.

It is not all brawn it does come with some luxury items. The truck seat could be upholstered in either leather or ostrich skin. Also available is a DVD player and satellite radio.

Mounted to this truck is what appears to be a UNICAT style custom camper. It is directly mounted to the truck chassis.  This one is so high you need a ladder to get inside.  This vehicle was surely designed for extreme conditions.




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