Chevrolet Apache Stepside Pickup Alaskan Pop Up

Chevrolet Apache Stepside Pickup Alaskan Pop Up

When it comes to vintage trucks the question as to paint or not paint when restoring come to mind. There is a certain charm and uniqueness with the patina that you find on old trucks. That is part of the appeal with this truck.  You can see the years of use. It has been a faithful vehicle for many years.  The patina really adds to the appeal to this Chevrolet truck.

The Alaskan Pop-up Camper

1960 Alaskan camper with truck. Alaskan Camper, it raises, it lowers, hydraulic or electric jacks to raise roof, mechanical jacks for storage or for mounting on truck.

The camper on this truck is made by Alaskan Campers Inc. These campers feature a unique pop-up roof design.  The top lowers while on the road.  With the roof lowered there is less wind resistance when traveling. This in turn help with fuel economy. In addition the lowered roof keep the center of gravity lower as well. This make the vehicle drive better and rock and roll on the road.

The roof system is a clam shell design.  As such the wall remain solid. There is not canvas like other popup campers.  Having solid wall provide more insulation.  Wild animal could tear through canvas making the Alaskan a bit more safer.

When at the camping destination the roof is raised by hydraulic jacks. With the roof raise the occupants can stand up comfortably.

Originally the Alaskan camper was created for camping along the Alcan Highway.  This is how the camper got its name. The need for a slide-in pop up camper that provided protection from the weather.

The slide out or demountable design provides the owner the ability to remove the camper when not in use. One thing you may notice about this camper is the absence of a cab over section.  This makes this a “Box” style camper shell.

Chevrolet 1958 Apache Truck

The truck used to carry this classic camper is a 1958 Chevrolet Apache 3204 Task Force 1/2 ton series.  The bed is 96″ long step side. A step side bed is where the fenders are on the outside of the bed and featured a “step” located toward the front of the bead..  The engine is a 6 cylinder 235 with 135 horse power.  These truck came with 3 speed transmissions. The side fender emblem is the key to identifying the year of this truck.  In 1958 the fender emblem was shaped just like an airplane and the 00 was dropped so the 3200 became only 32. In addition the model name Apache was include on the emblem. One other notable feature on this truck is it is the first year with dual headlights.






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