Chevrolet Truck with Cab Over Avion Camper

Chevrolet Truck with Cab Over Avion Camper
Here is a classic Avion camper mounted to a Chevrolet pickup truck.  Avion campers are best know for their rounded corner design and shiny aluminum skin.  Aluminum is a lightweight easily shaped metal that is often used in aircraft fuselages.  In fact it is the aviation industry that inspired the look of this camper.

Mounting the Avion

 To mount the camper all that is needed is to slide it onto the truck then secure it. Here tie downs are used to secure it. In order to slide the camper in it must be lifted to a proper height.  That is accomplished by the built in camper jacks that fold out of the way when not in use.
There is plenty of sleeping area in the cab over section. The interior is quire roomy and adequate living space.

 Avion Background

Avion is primarily know for its travel trailers. however travel trailers weren’t the only vehicles built by Avion. Taking the basic components of the travel trailer, Bill Cayo designed a  pickup camper for his own use and the company liked the result. In 1965, Avion introduced the pickup truck campers in to its line of products. The Avion truck campers were produced by Avion Durante briefly during the mid 1960s mimicking the style of the Avion trailers.


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