Black Ford 4×4 Truck Alaskan Cab Over

Black Ford 4×4 Truck Alaskan Cab Over

This camper is truly ready for adventure. All the toys and gear all add up to a lot of fun. Mounted to the roof is a brightly colored canoe for fun in the water and mounted on the back is a bicycle for easy mobility around the campground a surrounding areas. But that’s not all mounted on the front of the truck you will find a motorcycle trail bike for more adventurous exploration during camping.

The move about from camp to camp this unit is powered by a Black 4×4 Ford Super Duty Extend Cab truck. With four wheel drive this unit can find a spot off road. Well everywhere except where this picture was taken. If you look closely you will see the no camping sign on the fence. Won’t be staying here for the night.

The camper is a classic cab over slide in Alaskan pop-up. The pop-up raises to provide more head room for the camper while inside the living area. The roof will collapse while driving to help reduce wind resistance and provide a lower profile that will make it easier to handle in cross wind situation. The roof is moved by hydraulic jacks. The Alaskan are unique because the sides are always solid. The camper does not use canvas side which are poor for insulation from the weather. Solid siding offer better protection from the weather.

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