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Classic GMC/Chevrolet Truck Chassis Mount Camper

Classic GMC Truck Chassis Mount Camper

Classic GMC or Chevrolet Truck Chassis Mount Class C Camper motorhome. Since there is not manufactures badge to identify the make it could be either a GMC or Chevrolet truck. It appears to have a longer wheel base than a standard pickup truck. The the dual rear wheels and hubs suggest that it is at Continue Reading

Unique Tiger Stripe Home Built Chevrolet Truck Camper

Tiger Stripe Chevy Blule Homemade Camper

Homemade truck campers make great projects for the do-it-yourselfers. It is a great way to express yourself. On top of that you can save a lot of money over pre-made truck campers. All you need is an idea and some wood, aluminum or fiberglass sparked with a bit of imagination.