Unimog Avion Truck Camper

Unimog Avion Truck Camper

After WWII the Unimog was created as an agricultural vehicle. Some of the original design features included equal sized tires, various mounting bracket, A rear hitch and a space in the middle for loads. The idea was to make it a vehicle that could do many jobs whether in the field or on the road.

The Unimog is a four-wheel drive medium sized truck manufactured by Mercedes-Benz a German automaker. The name is derived from a German acronym “UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät”. Where the word Gerät translates to mean machine or device.

These vehicles have an extreme high ground clearance. To accomplish the high ground clearance the drive train uses portal gears. This allows the axle and transmission to be located above the center of the tires.

The frame is flexible making it a part of the suspension. This flexibility provides a wider range of movement. This in turn create a more comfortable ride when driving over rough terrain. It has high visibility driving cabs.

The camper on this Unimog is made by Avion. Avion’s are easily identified by the silver aluminum skin as well as the rounded radius corner. This one is a slide in, cab over and fits nicely on the utility bed. The utility bed walls will fold down. This provides a nice access to extra storage in the open space below the camper.

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  1. Guten Tag, I love this machine so much! Best 4×4 in the world, with the best built camper ever made! In the process of buying an Avion 26ft bumper pull trailer right now. You must have so much fun in this beast, oh I mean device LOL!

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