Truck Camper News in Review Week of June 14-21

Truck Camper News in Review Week of June 14-21

Livin’ Lite RVs has completed relocating and consolidating its operations to Topeka, Ind. The company, a subsidiary of Thor Industries, produces a variety of travel trailers, fifth wheels, camping trailers and truck campers. In an effort to cut costs and become more efficient, Livin’ Lite moved from Wakarusa, where its production was spread out among eight different buildings. Continue Reading

TQHQ says: This is great news for the RV Industry. Anytime that a manufacture needs to upgrade their facilities means that there is hope in the future of camping and outdoor adventures.

Source: June 22, 2015 – RV News

Sometimes we barbecue chefs lose our cool, and it’s not always from the heat of the grill. Things don’t always turn out the way we’d like—even though our family and guests assume that because we are the designated grillers we possess the same talents and skills of a short order cook.  But don’t fret. Even if you are a novice griller, you can still lay out your BBQ repast to please even the pickiest of your crew. · Plan ahead. Prepare all your food grill-ready before time to start cooking. · Coat the grill with olive oil or spray to prevent sticking.   Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Barbeque is one of the best ways to cook out in the open. In this article the cook will learn some useful tips that will help make better food

Source: June 22, 2015 –

Camping purists may put away their phones when they head into the woods, but many of us would rather stay connected. Most Canadians – 74 per cent – bring their cellphone camping, and WiFi is among the top three camping priorities, according to the …and more » Continue Reading

TQHQ says: We live in a connected world. The smartphone has made it possible to carry around a full powered computer.  With the abundance of apps available it is no wonder that there also be ones dedicated to camping. On my most recent trip the phone was used for driving direction, getting information about the places we were visiting and taking pictures.  Of course it is not for everyone but when used in moderation it can be a useful tool while traveling and camping.

Source: June 22, 2015 – camping – The Globe and Mail

camp stove explosion A mother and a daughter were treated for burns – and a tent severely damaged – after a gas cooker exploded during a camping trip. Fire crews from Huntingdon and Chatteris were called to a gas explosion at Westview Marina, Marina Drive, Earith, Two people treated for burns after gas explosion Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Safety should be a priority when camping. This is especially true around fire. Here is a tragic event that resulted in people getting hurt. Always take care when and make sure you camping equipment is in good working order before using.

Source: June 22, 2015 – camping – Cambridge News

kids Camping A family from Michigan just found out the hard way that, according to Child Protective Services, it really does take a village. They went for an extended camping trip and CPS took their kids. If mom hadn’t been a Native American – Indian, thank you … Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Most kids that end up in CPS have a hard and troubled life. Learning about the outdoors and a change in environment can do wonders to help these kids heal. Photo Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife via Flickr

Source: June 22, 2015 – camping – Wizbang

Truck Camper HQ When travel writer Dan Miller of the site Points With a Crew travels with his family, they don’t just board a plane: they invade it. Dan and his wife, Carolyn, have six children — three boys and three girls ranging in age from 3 to 15, all of whom are … Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Part of the fun of camping is experiencing it with your family.  However, kids will be kids and theay could drive you crazy.  This is more true today with computers and smart phone. Here are some ways to help you travel with your kids and not go insane.

Source: June 22, 2015 – travel- Yahoo Travel

ambulance credit: steeleman204 via flickr They were reportedly driving home from a camping trip in the Huntington/Eccles Canyons area. A 16-year-old driver was reportedly trying to catch up with the adults in their group who were in a vehicle ahead of them, said Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Continue Reading

TQHQ says: This is sad a tragic way to end a camping trip. Camping is suppose to be a time of enjoyment but bad decisions can turn a wonderful time into a nightmare.  Always take care and no matter the risk keep safety a priority/

Source: June 21, 2015 – camping – Deseret News

crockpot credit janine via flickr When traveling on a cross-country motorhome journey, evening mealtimes are difficult to predict. Will you find a suitable campground early enough to prepare a nice hot meal, or will you just settle for a quick-fix dinner if the arrival time is late? Well, if you are trying to make a good day in distance, the latter will more than likely be the case. But there is a way to enjoy a piping-hot delicious dinner, ready whenever you are, whether you stop at 5 p.m. or at 9 p.m. Yes, a variety of tender-cooked meat and vegetables, all prepared the night before, or first thing that morning, simmering in a hot crock-pot.  Continue Reading

TQHQ says:After a long drive the last thing you may want to do is spend a lot of time cooking. Here are some ways to make meals easier when traviling.

Source: June 20, 2015 -GoodSam

Photo Credit Terry Bone via Flickr There’s a lot that goes into the perfect camping experience. Part of the joy is being away from modern conveniences, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. What is your favorite camping trick that makes the experience just a little more bearable? Continue Reading

TQHQ says: We all ahve little trick that make camping better.  Do you have some then please include your favorite tips in the comments below.

Source: June 19, 2015 – camping – Lifehacker

WoodenTrailerSign On the totem of simple summer getaways, car camping is at the top—almost all the gear you need can be culled from your garage, you don’t have to go very far, and there’s no need to give up too many creature comforts. Chances are there’s an easy-access … Continue Reading

TQHQ says: TBD Pending

Source: June 18, 2015 – camping – Outside Magazine

DIY Camping Bucket Toilet If you like to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, you know that taking care of business can often be a challenge. This clever setup packs waste removal, toilet paper, and a seat cushion all in one bucket. Using a five-gallon bucket Continue Reading

TQHQ says: When nature calls the toilet is an all important necessity.  Here is an inexpensive DIY toilet made from a 5 gallon bucket.  What do you think?

Source: June 17, 2015 – camping – Lifehacker

Grand Canyon No trip to Arizona would be complete without spending some time at one of the country’s most awe-inspiring gems: Grand Canyon National Park. Make sure you don’t forget your camera for this amazing experience because you won’t want to miss a single minute of it.  Continue Reading

TQHQ says: I recently made a trip to the Grand Canyon North Rim. It is such a spectacular view. It is one of the wonders of the world.

Source: June 15, 2015 –

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