Truck Camper News in Review Week of May 25-31

Truck Camper News in Review Week of May 25-31
Tourists take photos from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon Adds travel expert Kendra Thornton: “As families seek more active vacations, there has been a lot of interest in Banff and Lake Louise, in particular — this region offers hundreds of miles of trails, and multitudes of lakes with illustrious scenery …and more »

As summer is fast approaching it becomes peak time for camping and getting outdoors.  Here are some trends to look out for this year.

Source: May 30, 2015 – travel – MarketWatch

A butane-powered camping stove caused a fire that left two Dublin High School students with minor injuries Friday evening, authorities said. ( Daniel Jimenez )The students — one boy and one girl — were selling food for a club fundraiser, and utilizing a camping stove with a butane canister, when they noticed the flame had gone out. When one of the students lit the flame, there was a flash, according to …

One of the hazards while camping is fire.  In this case a student was burned by a camping stove.  This kind of accident can be avoided.  If you have a camp stove it is in your best interest to inspect it before using.

Source: May 30, 2015 – camping – Contra Costa Times
Great Smoky Mountains National Park Last year, camping of all kinds rose throughout the U.S. national park system, according to the National Park Service. The total number of completed overnight stays hit 8.45 million in 2014, up nearly 7% from 7.91 million in 2013, Park Service data show.Finding Adventure Along the Rio GrandeFour Wheeler Networkall

The United States is bless to have National Parks.  These parks are preserved and there for the enjoyment of everyone who visits them.  Here are the most popular parks. Do you have a favorite? If’ so.  add your comment below.

Source: May 29, 2015 – camping – MarketWatch
Mission Bat RV Park A beautiful and spacious RV Park surrounded by San Diego’s Mission Bay… The location just doesn’t get any better! Easy access to I-5 makes it convenient no matter where you want to go. A few minutes to Old Town, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial, Sunset Cliffs and so much more!
San Diego is one of the greatest places to visit. The moderate Mediterranean climate makes it a perfect destination all year long.  While visiting the Mission Bay RV Resort is a great place to set up camp and enjoy the weather and attraction in the area.
Source: May 29, 2015- Good Sam
Credit: C.C. Weiss/ Most of the equipment we saw at Overland Expo came in large, XL and XXXL sizes, but there were also a few interesting accessories on show. The Solavore oven is a simple cooking device that transforms the sun’s rays into baking and slow-cooking heat.
There are many ways to cook food while camping.  There are products like the SoloStove that uses wood,  You could also use a gas camp-stove.  Here is another way.  It is a Solar cooker that uses the sun to cook food,  Should work great on any bright, clear sunny day.
Source: May 29, 2015 – camping – Gizmag
Solar-Powered Ecocapsules Unless you plan months in advance and have every item meticulously organized and accounted for, festival camping sucks. The immense heat trapped in your tent wakes you up at 6:30am, the cold forces you to sleep, there’s no chance of staying clean or …and more »
Here are some interesting “capsules” that are set up for camping.  They are solar powered and are eco-friendly
Source: May 29, 2015 – camping – Your EDM
Participants at the 2014 Capitol Hill Day examine a motorhome in front of the Capitol Building. This year's event features a reception for the newly-formed Senate RV Caucus. Photo courtesy of RVIA. Members of the RV Industry Association will meet next week to discuss and consider new plans for the upcoming fiscal year at the Association’s annual Committee Week. Participants at the 2014 Capitol Hill Day examine a motorhome in front of the Capitol Building. This year’s event features a reception for the newly-formed Senate RV Caucus.  …
May 29, 2015 – RV News
Truck Camper HQ There’s been a lot of clean up following the storms in the Oklahoma City area, but the fencing is still down at Roadrunner RV Park after a tornado blew through the area, which is a problem because people have been walking up and taking things. It seems that some people in the area believe because the homes of others are now in piles, it’s a free for all. …read more
This is a really sad commentary on the values of some people.  It’s one thing to lose a home to a natural disaster, it another to be violated by unsavory people who steal when a family is most vulnerable.  How about some respect for private property!
Source: May 29, 2015 – RV News
Truck Camper HQ In an effort to boost its RV services offerings, Lazydays is shaking up its leadership team, making several new appointments within the company and hiring several new employees. The company also plans to further its investment in Sys2K dealer management software and introduce the Lazydays Tech University program over the next few months.  Doug Earle has been appointed the director of Crown Club Service. …read more
Source: May 29, 2015 – RV News
Camp by River You can restore your own sense of harmony and calm simply by rekindling the relationship between your physical body and the body of Mother Earth. What we call camping, the Huichols would call simply living in balance. So pick a beautiful place, and get …
In this article there are four really great ideas that will help people recharge.  Each idea is practical and very easy to do.  Do you have way other than these to help you recharge?
Source: May 29, 2015 – camping – Huffington Post
iPhone Apps for Camping and Hicking Whoever said technology doesn’t belong in the wild probably didn’t own an iPhone. Years ago, technology (we called it “electronics” back then) meant things like a Nintendo Game Boy, Sony Walkman or feature phone—things that took you out of your …
I am a bit split on this. For many camping is a time to unwind and unplug.  Unplugging keeps the distraction that keep one from fully enjoying the outdoors.  With the advent of the smartphone come a plethora of apps. Some of these app can actually enhance the out door experience.  Phone are now equipped with GPS and Cameras.  So if you can’t fully unplug here are some apps you many consider.
Source: May 29, 2015 – camping – Macworld
Truck Camper HQ MILWAUKEE, May 29, 2015 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced today that an additional 800,000 acres of highly environmentally sensitive land may be enrolled in Conservation Reserve Program under certain wetland and wildlife initiatives that provide multiple benefits on the same land.
This could be beneficial to outdoors sports like hunting, fishing and camping. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Source: May 29, 2015 – USDA – Latest News Releases
Camping inside church Church camping was the bright idea of Peter Aiers, one of the trust’s regional directors. He says that churches embody hundreds of years of British history, and are beautiful buildings to boot, so what better way to appreciate them than spending a …
Although this is billed as “camping” it may be a bit luxurious from more rugged types. But it not really that frilly. This is not “glamping” it is called “champing”.
Source: May 29, 2015 – camping – The Guardian
Truck Camper HQ ARC Representation and RV Improvement Systems, a unit of Stalwart Design & Development LLC, have partnered forces to help RV dealers increase sales of trailer suspension products. “Travel trailer and fifth wheel suspension designs have not kept pace with other highway vehicles’ ride-control capabilities,” said Raymond Padgett, managing partner at ARC Representation. “We intend to deliver highly valuable RV suspension education materials, …read more
Source:  May 28, 2015 – RV News
Truck Camper HQ CHEYENNE, Wyo., May 28, 2015 – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) today released final environmental reviews for proposed land use plans that will help conserve greater sage-grouse habitat and support sustainable economic development on portions of public lands in 10 states across the West. The land management plans, developed during the past three years in partnership with the states and with input from local partners, will benefit wildlife, outdoor recreation, ranching and other traditional land uses that rely on a healthy sagebrush landscape.
Source:  May 28, 2015 – USDA – Latest News Releases
Shasta Camper Cadillac 1954 Shasta (left) and 2015 reissue of a 1961 Shasta Airflyte 16sc The RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum’s newest exhibit features a retrospective on the evolution of the iconic brand of Shasta travel trailers, according to Darryl Searer, president, RV/MH Hall of Fame (Hall) … read more
Shasta has a rich heritage and is the industry’s longest producer of RVs. The brand has been in continuous product since its founding in 1941. Museum visitors will be able to compare the advances in enhancements to the RV lifestyle over the years.
Source:  May 19, 2015 – RV News from RVBasics .com
Raccoon hairstyle - camping nightmare Nature is a nightmare. The Dracula encounter. My friend Jen was sitting by a campfire when–out of nowhere–a bat came swooping down and bit her on the mouth! ON HER MOUTH! It latched onto her lip and they had to rip the bat off. It was totally rabid and she had to get 6 weeks’ worth of rabies shots. Terrifying! — View Entire List ›
Here are some terrifying stories experience by several campers. There is something about a “ghost” story around the campfire that can keep campers sleeping with one eye open.  Do you have a story that terrified you. Go ahead share it in the comment section below.
Source:  May 12, 2015 – BuzzFeed

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