Truck Camper News in Review Week of June 8 – 14

Truck Camper News in Review Week of June 8 – 14

Reid Lake Territorial Park. Photo Courtesy: NWT Parks Facebook page. First, as we are getting into the succulent sweet meat of the summer season, we realize not only that we’ve got at least four months of outdoor fun ahead of us, but we’re struck with the realization that it’s only four months, then camping and hiking … Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Being stuck in the middle of nowhere and discover that an important piece of gear or equipment is missing can be disheartening. That is why proper preparation a vital part of camping. Here are some tips that will help you organize your camping trip.  The author shares some great ideas.

Source: June 14, 2015 – camping – Press Herald

Montebello charges landowners renting land to campers during Rockfest - For the first time in 10 years, the municipality of Montebello, Quebec is taking a cut of what residents charge campers during Amnesia Rockfest. More than 200,000 music fans are expected to descend on Montebello June 18–21. Every year, some residents … Continue Reading

TQHQ says: I am not sure I totally agree with what the municipality is doing here. I know that this is Canada, but there should be limitation to what they take.  If the land is privately owned then it is the land owners responsibility to clean up their land. Now if the government committed to cleaning the land that may be okay, but they aren’t. Their only concern is that campers are not spending the money to use their facilities.  The rates are outrageous and is purely a money grab for the government.

Source: June 13, 2015 – camping –

How to beat travel sickness on land, water and air - Daily Mail You know the feeling. It rises from the bottom of your stomach and swells to a hideous mixture of drowsiness, nausea, the sweats, a loss of color, headaches, retching and vomiting. Travel sickness affects us all and can ruin any trip, whether at home …and more » Continue Reading

TQHQ says: If you get motion sickness you know how a fun trip can quickly turn into the worse nightmare.  In this article are some ideas to try to help alleviate motion sickenss.

Source: June 13, 2015 – travel – Daily Mail

Removing mud and seeds from your shoes can help prevent the spread of invasive plants and animals. (Photo by Kim Lanahan-Lahti, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry) Accessed by the Blue Ridge Parkway and surrounded by the Black Balsam Mountains, the Sam Knob Project is located in one of the most scenic and highly visited portions of the Pisgah Ranger District. As we celebrate National Trails Day and National Fishing and Boating Week, we are highlighting this location as a showcase of how recreational trail design can protect critical fish and wildlife habitat and enhance user experiences. Continue Reading

TQHQ says: This post was written and submitted on behalf of the Pisgah Ranger District recreation staff and fire crew – Paul Ross, Forest Service Office of Communication

Source: June 12, 2015 – US Forest Service

Three More Counts Added to Sooner RV Embezzlement Case McClain County, Okla., prosecutors added three more counts of embezzlement to eight already filed against Regina K. Clark, a partner in the now defunct Sooner RV north of Purcell. In addition, a judge approved her attorney’s request to withdraw from the case, the Purcell Register reports. The attorney wrote in his motion to withdraw that Clark has “failed to maintain an appropriate level of communication with counsel” and also that she misled him regarding fulfillment of their contractual obligation.Continue Reading

TQHQ says: This is so unfortunate and a tragedy. Unfortunately there are dishonest people who do bad things. What they do is not only wrong but hurts other people. Justice must be served.

Source: June 12, 2015 – RV News

Elkhart Supplier Accused of Patent Infringement LTI Holdings Inc. filed a complaint June 2 in the northern Indiana U.S. District Court in South Bend alleging Lippert Components Inc. is making and selling three types of seals used in RV slides that LTI Holdings patented in 2005 and 2009. LTI Holdings’ suit claims Lippert was aware of the patents since at least March of this year, and that it made or sold the infringing products on at least one RV made … Continue Reading

TQHQ says: I know that the RV business is very competitive and that there are temptations to make shortcuts. To copy someone else patent is a violation of intellectual property. If it is an exact duplicate then these guys are in trouble and it could cost them dearly.

Source: June 12, 2015 – RV News

Jayco Debuts Entegra Facility Entegra Coach hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday (June 11) to celebrate the latest addition to the Jayco complex. The facility is a 185,000 square foot building that will produce the all-new 2016 luxury diesel-powered Entegra Coach motorhomes, which were unveiled for the first time during the two-day event.  Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Opening a new facility, especially in the recreation vehicle industry, is great news.  It shows that Jayco has confidence that the economy is growing stronger.

Source: June 12, 2015 – RV News

RVDA Adds Support to New CFPB Repeal In a letter to U.S. House members this week, the RV Dealers Association and its allies outlined reasons to support a bill introduced by Reps. Frank Guinta (R-N.H.) and Ed Perlmutter (D-Colo.) titled the Reforming CFPB Indirect Auto Financing Guidance Act of 2015 (H.R. 1737).  The legislation would repeal a CFPB bulletin from 2013, allowing the Bureau to “reissue the guidance under a more transparent and better informed process,” according to the letter. The letter points out that congressional members on both sides of the aisle have written to the CFPB asking questions and expressing concern regarding its lending guidance. Continue Reading

TQHQ says: When it comes to purchasing a motorhome most purchasers require financing.  The bill being repealed would have an adverse effect on the buyers ability to buy a recreational vehicle.

Source: June 12, 2015 – RV News

Photography Tips—Birds & Animals   Bird and animal photography, especially in the wild, can be quite challenging. The name of the game in wildlife photography—whether you’re trying to capture an exotic bird in a national wildlife refuge or a giraffe in a city zoo or wildlife park—is patience. Wild birds and animals will do what they’re going to do and no amount of coaxing will make them turn their head, look your way, open their mouth, do something cute, or move to better light. You have to be there—and ready—when the photo op occurs. Be prepared to wait, and wait, and wait some more—it takes a long time to get good wildlife photos, even longer for great ones.  Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Photography is a great hobby. With picture one can chronicle any outdoor camping trip. If you love to take pictures of wildlife this article provides some tips and ideas you can use.

Source: June 12, 2015 –

How to stay safe on your next camping trip - Mashable While becoming one with nature is clearly a draw for many of us, camping comes with some inherent dangers that aren’t typical concerns in the cities and suburbs. Sudden thunderstorms, unruly insects or animals and health hazards like dehydration and … Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Camping is suppose to be a fun experience. Yet, there are hazards that all campers need to be aware of when out in the wilderness.  This article covers some basic thing you need to keep in mind when visiting the outdoors. Even if you are an experienced camper is is always good to remind your self of the hazards you could encounter.

Source: June 12, 2015 – camping – Mashable

Ditch the Camping Stove Campgrond You’ll wish what happened on camp stayed on camp. You’ll discover just how far away you live from any decent camping spots. Someone will inevitably lock the keys in the car. The lights and engine may – or may not – still be on. The adults will stop adulting long enough to fight over the best way to put up the tent. “The left pole’s connected to the… MORON.”  Someone will trip over a tree root, tent peg or shoelace. And everyone else will just pretend they didn’t see it happen.  Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Here is a funny tongue  in cheek look at the camping experience.  Although the article was written for Australians the humor is appropriate for travelers and camper everywhere

Source: June 12, 2015 – BuzzFeed

iny Home When was the last time you spied something unique, interesting and marvelous all at the same time while traveling down the highway? Recently, such was the case for us on Route 198 just south of Lemon Cove, California, en route to Sequoia National Park. Here we spied an actual “Tiny House” on wheels parked in front of a Good Sam RV Park called “Lemon Cove Village”  Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Tiny Homes are getting quite popular. That is because they are a lot less expensive than renting or buying a traditional house.  Usually tiny homes are not mobile, but put a trailer frame underneath and now you have a mobile tiny home. The dwellings are perfect for single or couples without kids.  Kudos to this RV park that is allowing these units into their property.

Source: June 11, 2015 –

Camping Equipment Instead, you’ll need to rely on more modern innovations to keep you warm, dry, fed, and entertained. These 10 camping gadgets will not only help take the sting out of your smore-less nights, but they’re all compact enough to keep your load light as can be. Continue Reading

TQHQ says: I think that “Must Have” is a bit of over statement.  You could probably get by without some of these items. With that in mind some of these items could be useful and enhance your outdoor adventures. But are these items really essential?

Source: June 09, 2015 – camping – TIME

Man outdoors writing with laptop For 68 percent of the traveling public, Wi-Fi is rated as the most important on-site service an RV Park can provide, even surpassing clean bathrooms. But my experience from being on the road nine months a year and settling into a new park every few nights has shown that the definition of Wi-Fi service is as variable as the parks themselves. Few parks provide excellent Wi-Fi service. A quick clue to that type of service can be found in the number of visible repeater towers a park has throughout its grounds.  Continue Reading

TQHQ says: WiFi has made the Internet mobile.  Finding a spot where you can get online is easier than ever.  All you need to do is locate a hot-spot and log in.  Some people are even able to have an “office-less” career allowing them to travel where ever they want and work there as well.

Source: June 08, 2015 –

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