Ford F250 Turbo Wild Stripes Camper

Ford F250 Turbo Wild Stripes Camper

There is nothing subtle about this wild paint scheme.  You are sure to not miss this truck camper while traveling down the road.  I am sure that it is also easy to find in the parking lot.  The brown, yellow and orange kind of remind me of the old Ocean Pacific tee shirts from the 70’s.  I believe I even had a shirt with the same colors on it.

This camper appears to be a homemade cab over, slide-in truck camper.  The side wall are smooth fiberglass paneling.  It is mounted to a Ford F250 four wheel drive truck.  Four wheel drive is a plus. It gives the camper extra options for off road, boon docking adventures.

The decal on the side of the truck give an indication that it is a turbocharged diesel engine.  The truck is circa 1995 based on the cab style.

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