Class C Tiger Camper Extra Cab Chevrolet Truck

Class C Tiger Camper Extra Cab Chevrolet Truck

Here is a 2005 Chevrolet 2500HD extended cab four wheel drive truck with Provan Tiger camper mounted to the chassis. This truck is powered by a 8.1 Liter V8 16 valve gas engine.  The transmission is a Allison 1000 5 speed automatic.

Exterior Upgrades

Some of the exterior accessories and upgrade include Rancho RCX air shocks with a compressor installed. This allows for on the spot shock adjustments on both the front and back.

Mounted on the front is a Aluminess Winch Bumper.  The winch mounted to the bumper is a Warn ME1200. The winch is inside a lockable tool box. Instead of steel cable it has synthetic winch line.

To light up the drive this rig has Hella driving lights also mounted to the custom bumper.

For improved stability the truck also a Provan anti-sway bar and rear tire spaces. Another Provan accessory is a solar panel installed on the camper roof.  This rig has a lot of great stuff.


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