Off Road 6×6 Jeep Camper

Off Road 6×6 Jeep Camper

Off Road Jeep Camper

Off Road 6×6 Jeep Camper

What’s not to get excited about this rugged off road vehicle? It has a real apocalyptic end of time rugged look to it.  This truck camper is built on a circa 1966 Willys Jeep Truck.  The vehicle was originally a four wheel drive but has been converted to a monster 6×6.  I’d call this “The Big Red Machine” and it is ready for any off road adventure. It is a monster jeep that carries some serious attitude. There is no problem navigating the back roads with this truck camper that has 48″ tall tires that are from a farm tractor. Let’s not forget that there is a custom built cab over camper living space. A lot of work went into making this rugged, functional vehicle.

Big Red Willys Jeep Bug Out Vehicle

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