Ford Flatbed Truck Dually with Travel Trailer Camper

Ford Flatbed Truck Dually with Travel Trailer Camper

Here is a Circa 1961 F-Series fourth generation Ford F-350 1-Ton Dually.  There is a flatbed installed to the chassis.  Mounted to the flatbed is a aluminum skinned travel trailer.

The wheel wells have been covered making this a unique truck camper conversion. Above the truck cab is a storage rack for carrying extra items.  Below the flatbed deck is room for additional utility box storage.

Although not visible in this picture the access door is on the passenger side.  But I imagine that a ladder is required to make it into the camper living area.

And to carry all kinds of other stuff a home made trailer is in tow.

This is a one of a kind rig that screams of individuality and creativity by working with what is available.

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