Using Mounting Jacks to Install Camper on Truck

Using Mounting Jacks to Install Camper on Truck

If you ever want to remove your camper from your truck mounting jacks are an essential tool you must have.  Using the jacks make the job quick and easy.  With a couple of people the process will take about 15 minutes.

To start the process the camper tie downs will need to be released.  On some trucks the camper may be bolted to the chassis. This is the case with the Bimobil camper.  On others it could be secured with turnbuckles.  The electric system will need to be unhooked. Once these tasks are complete, the jacks can then be extended so that the camper can be raised.  Make sure that you are on level ground.  Now that the camper has been lifted to a height that clears the truck just drive the truck forward until it fully clears the camper.  Finally the camper needs to be lowered toward the ground.  With the camper removed the truck can be used for local transportation and the camper is a stationary habitation.

To install the camper back onto the truck the process is simply reversed.  First you will lift the camper to a height that will clear the vehicle.  With caution back the truck up until it is in position.  Then slowly lower the camper until is set securely on the truck.  One nice feature on the Bimobil system is it has a self-centering rail system the helps lock the camper into position. With traditional truck beds the camper position may require some tweaking to get it in the right place.  Once the camper is in position connect the electrical system to the truck and fasten the camper with bolts or turnbuckles, depending on how the camper is attached.

The Bimobil camper is a nice system but the truck may need some modification to prepare it for the camper installation.  For the Bimobil camper to work the original truck bed will need to be removed from the truck. If you are purchasing a new truck you could just get a cab and chassis setup.  With the bed removed the demountable flat bed frame is installed on the chassis.  The frame is fairly heavy so an engine hoist may be needed to move the frame into position.

The ability to remove the camper allows for driving freedom with out the camper.  Leaving the camper can also help reserve your camping spot when going on short trips in the area you are staying.


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