Subaru Sanbar 360 Truck Camper Motorhome

Subaru Sanbar 360 Truck Camper Motorhome

Tiny home meets tiny motor home in this Subaru Sanbar 360 truck and camper combination. This could possible be the smallest truck camper ever. I know there are some of you just can’t help yourself and and say “Oh, how cute!” But think of the tight spots you could maneuver this one into.

Subaru made this vehicle between 1958 to 1971.  It is a 2 door rear engine city vehicle.  Most of the 360’s were cars, but here we find a truck version of the 360.  This is a really light vehicle weighing only 875 lbs.  The construction is structural skin type.  This is where the truck is supported by its external skin.

The rear suspension features a swing axle design. This suspension design allows the wheels to move independently on rough roads providing strong road grip. The 360 is so name because it has a 356cc air-cooled 2-stoke, 2 cylinder inline engine. The engine is mounted transversely at the rear with a 3-speed manual transmission.  It has about 25 horsepower.  I am sure the gas mileage is awesome. The top speed for this is a whopping 60 mph. Not going to break and speed records with this one.

Mounted to the bed is a homemade custom built box camper with aluminum siding.  Probably not a lot of room is this one to sleep unless you are a small person.  But it could be useful for hauling camping equipment to the campground.

Here are the size specs…

  • Wheelbase: 65.7 inches
  • Length: 117.7 inches
  • Width: 51.2 inches
  • Height: 59.8 inches


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