Toyota Dolphin Motorhome Camper

Toyota Dolphin Motorhome Camper

From the looks of the license plate and the right hand driver this is most likely a Toyota RV in Bangkok. From the images on the side I believe that this is a fiberglass Dolphin mounted on a Toyota truck. This is a Class C formally know as a chassis mount camper. The rear of the truck camp has been removed to allow full access into the living space of the camper. The unit provide a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area. This a really a home away from home.

Some nice features of the Class C is you do not need to exit the truck cab to access the camper’s living quarters. Passenger can also be in the camper section during travel time. With the built in bathroom there is no need to make bathroom pit stops.

Some of the negatives to this camper configuration include these things. Because the camper is mounted permanently and the vehicle needs repair the entire unit has to go to the shop. This could leave you without living accommodation while traveling on the road.

What I really like about this truck camper is the sleek design of the fiberglass.  It appears to be very roomy inside It looks very modern and aerodynamic.  That along with the fact that the truck is a reliable Toyota truck, I like it.

The first camper our family owned did not have a front window on the cab over section, just like this one.  It is great for sleeping as it help keep light out of the eyes. There is also a nice air conditioning unit mounted to the roof that should provide awesome climate control for additional comfort.

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