Finding Your Best Campsite

Finding Your Best Campsite

Do you live to camp? If you do, how do you go about finding the best campsite? Here are some tips that will help you select a campsite.

Hiking trail mountainWhen deciding where to camp, there are a few ways you can approach your campsite selection. Many folks pick a campground that is available on the road while traveling or find them is a directory. While this is one way to do it, there are other options to consider. Without some research you may not know what you will get. For the best camping experience, take some time to find the perfect place that fits your camping needs.

You may ask yourself, why do all this work to carefully find a campsite? You need to keep in mind that not all campsites will provide the same camping experience.  Not all campsites are the same. There are many differences and it will benefit you to know these differences. Understanding these4 difference will make a huge impact on your trip. The last thing you want is to have one of those “nightmare” camping trips.

Forest view hiking trailEconomics play an important part is finding your best campsite. The cost can have a huge impact on what and where you can go. Many campgrounds will charge a fee to camp.  Prices for entrance fees can vary.  If you are frugal you could even find free sites to stay. The fees paid are used to maintain the campsite and provide for many outdoor activities inside the park. The more access you have to the activities the higher the fee will be.

If you are not careful you could end up paying more than expected. A reservation may also be required to stay.  This means that you will need to plan well in advance of your trip.

If there are certain activities that you love to do, you will want to make sure that the park will accommodate your specific needs.  If you love to boat or fish, make sure that there is access to rivers and lakes.  If hiking is you thing, then you will need access to hiking trails. If you have kids then a playground or swimming pool would be nice.

fishing early morning sunriseSelecting the wrong campsite can make your trip into a nightmare. This can happen when you find that the facilities are inadequate and don’t fit your needs. Perhaps you need a laundry to wash cloths. You will want to make sure there are provisions for a laundry. If no laundry is available where you are going then it would be wise to pack additional cloths. While you are camping you will get dirty, access to showers is another item you need to consider when selecting a campsite.

The campsite that you select can have an effect on how often you have to make outside trips. It goes without saying that there will be something that you need or forgot. In these times it would be nice to go and buy what you need. Having a general store on site can be extremely convenient. Suppose you need some food, ice or firewood then a store onsite will reduce the need to travel long distances to get these items.  It may not seem like a big deal but having a store can be a good thing. This is especially true if you need first aid items that you did not pack.

desert campsiteYou may also want to rough it and be closer to nature.  In this case you may not need or want all the facilities, activities available at some campsites. If this describe the way you like to camp, then you will want to find a campsite that is more rustic and bare bones.  You may find that these sites are less expensive or even free to stay at. The only services you may find is a place to park and an outhouse.

Picking the right campsite will make a big difference in the overall camping experience. There are good point and bad point to every campsite. Finding the best campsite that fits your needs will make the trip better. So take some time and research various campsites before heading out on the road.

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