ER2K Earthroamer Expedition Vehicle Dodge Ram Truck

ER2K Earthroamer Expedition Vehicle Dodge Ram Truck

The Truck

The truck for this setup is a 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 quad cab.  It features a 24 Valve Cummins turbo diesel.  The drive train is a 4×4 automatic. The truck originally came with a 6.5 foot short bed

According to the owner he spent several years preparing this expedition vehicle. It was quite a labor of love.  All the changes to the ER2K was to improve reliability, durability, making it comfortable and insuring it off road capabilities.

The Camper

The camper was designed to maximize usable space.  The larger quad cab allowed for a larger cab over section.  The cab over comfortably sleeps two people. The bunk also serves as extra storage.

Notice the step in the roof line. That was created to add style and create an angel that would improve wind drag.  This also add to the overall unique look of the camper.

How it is Mounted

Because truck frame will flex in rough terrain a solution needed to be created.  The camper in mounted using a 3 point system. The camper is solidly mount at two point toward the front with rubber mounts.  The rubber mount reduce vibration. Toward the rear is a pivot mount. This pivot allows the frame to flex while keeping the camper rigid.

Composite Body

The camper body uses extruded polypropylene honeycomb composite. The honeycomb provides a way to keep the panel light weight as well as strong.  Fiberglass was applied to the honeycomb creating a strong composite panel.  To install the panels structural adhesive and rivets were used to the aluminum frame.  One advantage to the sandwich composite is it provides great insulation properties due to the “void” created by the honeycomb.


To get additional storage aluminum boxes were mounted under the camper.  These boxes were custom built to fit. The boxes are weatherproof.




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