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Handmade Gypsy Camper on Vintage Ford Truck

Ford Truck Homemade Gypsy Style Camper

Here is a mid 60’s style fourth generation Ford F-Series vintage pickup truck. Mounted to the fleet side bed is a home built gypsy style truck camper. It features slanted side walls with an exterior is stain wood that looks really great

Truck Campers Perfect for People Who Love Outdoor Adventure

Truck with Camper

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves various recreational activities like hunting, hiking or fishing; a truck camper is the ideal recreational vehicle. Because there is no requirement for a special driver’s license this form of transportation is accessible to most people. When compared to other types of larger vehicles like motor homes the Continue Reading

Why a Truck Camper Is a Wise Choice.

About TrucCamperHQ

When you’re looking for a recreational vehicle, a truck camper is a wise option. These are the perfect vehicles for those that love the outdoors. You don’t need a special license to operate one and they are nice and compact, too. They provide great comfort for you and your family and are inexpensive when compared Continue Reading

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