Must See Classic Chevrolet Truck with Fabulous Chinook Camper

Must See Classic Chevrolet Truck with Fabulous Chinook Camper

Many successful RV manufacturers can find their roots in the innovation of its founders.  These entrepreneurs create unique and sometime not conventional product that will provide real solutions to the consumer.  The Chinook is not expection to this American ideal.

It all begins in 1938 where Sy and Rose Mair started in a small garage is Orange County California.  For nearly 30 years it was among the leaders in the RV industry.  Over time they would relocate to Union Gap Washington.

During the mid 20th century the first motorhomes started showing up on the highways.  Many of the first models was a cross between a slide in camper mounted to a truck chassis.  Truck chassis would be ordered from the factory then a camper would be mounted to the truck.

The intellectual property right of the Chinook was acquired by Phil Rizzio in January 2013.  The IP included nameplates, designs, jig, molds, templates.  Phil is the owner of Wagon Trail RV and Creston RV. Wagon Trail RV is located in Las Vegas Nevada. Creston RV is located in Kalispell Montana.  These right allowed an expansion in product line.


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5 Comments on “Must See Classic Chevrolet Truck with Fabulous Chinook Camper

  1. I would love to find one of these to buy and then restore,. A good freind of mine in the Navy in the 80s owned one very similar to this that he stayed in when he traveled and lived in prior to joining the Navy.

  2. I’m new to this site however I have a 1955 Chev Camper Chinook for sale. Needs to be restored. It’s been parked for 30+ yrs. Located in Monroe NC.
    Text or call 856-979-2425

  3. May 11,2023
    My Brother just aquired a 1968 (or`67 not sure) from an estate.
    He is making it available for sale, as soon as it is apraised. it has been in a warehouse nearly all these years. I’m trying to get more information on it, but I think it only has around 14,000 origenal miles! Located in: Yakima, WA. Next to Union Gap, Washington where it was manufactured!

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