Custom Motorcycle Chopper Camper

Custom Motorcycle Chopper Camper

When it comes to custom truck campers this rig is truly unique. Take your favorite chopper and mount a camper to the back. Give it a custom paint job to get a one of kind machine. The rider gets the benefit of wind in the face travel. Plus when it times to rest for the night, just pull over and hop in to the converted cab over camper. As you can see the cab over also acts as a overhead roof. Of course to accommodate the additional weight of the camper this rig is powered by a tuned up v-8 complete with headers. I don’t know what this guy is hauling inside but the tandem axles are cool but maybe a bit overkill. The steer this one the handle bars have long extension. There look like there is some room for a passenger with the tuck and roll bench seat.

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