Expedition Hanomag AL28 Camper

Expedition Hanomag AL28 Camper

Check out this Hanomag L28 “light” truck.  It was built by Hanomag a manufacturer that developed commercial vehicles after WWII. This truck was introduced in 1950 as a large capacity light truck. The styling is derived from American model “alligator hood”.  The headlamp is integrated into the front end giving it a modern look of its time. The first of these truck were built to carry a 1½ ton payload.  Over time the payload was increased.  The truck is powered by a water cooled four stroke 50HP diesel engine a 2.8 liter displacement.. again over time the horsepower was increased to 70HP.  Some truck also had Roots superchargers installed to increase performance.

The primary model for the Hanomag featured a flatbed

In 1955, the L-28 cab forward instead Rear-hinged rear doors and in recent years instead of two small one large curved panoramic windshield that made ​​the cab look more modern. Between 1958 and 1960, the L series has been gradually 28 by the cab-successor-series differently designated according to their weight.

Hanomag AL 28AL 28 retrofitted with Camper


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