Pedal Powered Trike with Camper

Pedal Powered Trike with Camper

Here is one way to reduce your carbon footprint. A very unique camper mounted on a sturdy tricycle frame.  You can take your home any where you can ride a bike.  The amenities inside will surprise you.  It has small efficient appliances, storage area and even a place to sleep.  Although it could be a tight fit.

One of the allures of a recreational vehicle is the ability to load up and hit the open road.  There is a sense of freedom bringing all you need while enjoying the great outdoors.  However, this RV is a bit unique.  First it’s engine is the person who has to pedal it.  The fuel are the meals eaten along the way.  Since it is pedal powered there are no emission.  Making this a real green solution.

This may not be for most people who enjoy driving a vehicle with an engine. But this is very different. Imagine the feel of the breeze on the open road on your face. The fact that you will get the exercise you promised in last years New Years resolution.  And parking it should be real easy.  Small, portable and fun all goes into this imaginative rendition of a recreational vehicle.

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