Cold weather travel

Cold weather travel

Where ever this is it look mighty cold!  Make sure that you have shelter when in this type of weather. It is a good thing to have a truck camper where it will protect you from the cold.  Here is a Toyota truck with camper and equipment in a very cold place.  When it come to cold safety is very important. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when traveling out in the cold.


The main danger in cold weather is the body temperature getting too low. This will create some adverse side effects. Make sure that the truck camper and vehicle have a source of heat. Beyond the vehicle good fire starting skill can be very important to know when outdoors.


Being protected from the elements is so important. The truck camper can provide excellent protection from the elements.  Ambient heat from the body can assist in maintain body temperature. If you lack a heat source then layering your clothing is vital. Inadequate shelter would lead to hypothermia which can be fatal.


Cold weather can be deceiving in regard to hydration. Thorough activity the body releases water.  That water needs to be replaced.  Avoid eating snow as it will lower body temperature.  Carry water in between clothing layers.  Also keep track of what you drink.  dehydration can be fatal and cause damage to the body.


Cold weather requires that clothing be layered.  Here are some basic layers requirements.

  • First layer consists of clothing that allows for ‘wicking’ this is closest to the body
  • Second layer can be fleece or wool
  • Third layer can be fleece or a soft-shell
  • Fourth layer – Hard-shell that will be wind-proof and water-proof. This will be your outside layer

As you can see there are several things to remember when dealing with cold weather. First you need a reliable heat source. Next, shelter is vital for survival, After shelter, make sure your remain hydrated.  And finally layering your clothing help retain body heat and protect you not only from the cold but, rain, snow and wind.

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