Truck Camper News in Review June 21-28

Truck Camper News in Review June 21-28

courthouse liberty law The Hawk Eye in Burlington reports that Curtis Halverson has been camping on a vacant lot he owns since mid-April. City officials cited Halverson for violating a city ordinance that requires temporary structures to be removed within 30 days, and gave …Burlington officials seek court order against man in tent Continue Reading

TQHQ says: This person own the land where he is camping. It is a vacant lot with no other structures on it. He should be able to camp and live on his won property

Source: June 29, 2015 – camping – KCCI Des Moines

bicycle scavenger hunt oregon Has Travel Oregon dug itself a hole it can’t get out of? Maybe that’s what it should do with the next bike: dig a hole and hide the Painted Hills bike in it. Where else can they hide a bike in that rather small unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National … Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Want a bike? Here is an opportunity get one through a scavenger hunt in Oregon.  Sound like fun and a great activity.

Source: June 29, 2015 – travel –

Water Purification Summer has arrived in the Tennessee Valley and many families will be spending at least one or two weekends outdoors. If you’re looking for some gadgets to make your camping experience a bit more convenient, check out the … Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Here are some item that could make your camping experience more convenient.

Source: June 29, 2015 – camping –

Free Camping Sites Free camping in Port Hedland is being celebrated by travelers but the caravan park industry is not happy, saying it threatens local businesses. Since 2013 the Shire of Port Hedland has opened an area of the local racecourse to self-contained … Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Who can’t pass up free camping? I know that this affects local RV parks that charge a fee, but if it is available campers will take advantage.

Source: June 29, 2015 – camping – ABC Online

Victim of fatal Hwy 2 collision returning home from camping trip

Truck Camper HQ One of the three women who died following a two-vehicle collision near Ponoka was on her way home from a camping trip, her mother told CTV News. RCMP said they were called to the scene around 4:45 p.m. Saturday at the QEII south of Highway 53.and more » Continue Reading

TQHQ says: This is such a tragedy.  It is one of the worst ways to end a fun camping trip. There are a lot of distracted, drunk and poor drivers on the road.  Always be aware and drive defensively.  The life you save could be yours.

Source: June 28, 2015 – camping – CTV News

Boy Scout dies in flash flood while camping in New Mexico

boys scout CIMARRON, N.M. (AP) — A Boy Scout on a camping trip with his troop in northern New Mexico died Saturday after he and three other teens were swept away in a flash flood, authorities said. The teen was one of eight Boy Scouts participating in a 12-day  Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Flash floods are common in the Southwest. The combination of desert and rain can cause a rush of water to suddenly appears.  Nature is a force to be respected.

Source: June 28, 2015 – camping – WTNH Connecticut News

House Battery Life—Avoid Losing Juice

RV Battery What could be easier to use than a modern electrical system? You flip a switch and there is light. Push a button and your blender turns out a smoothie. But in your RV, it’s a different story. If you use the same amount of electricity in your rig that you do in your house, chances are your RV house battery will soon be like pancakes—flat.  Continue Reading

TQHQ says: As technology improves so do batteries.  What is nice about batteries is that they are quiet when in use.  The downside is that they will eventually run out of power and must be replenishes.

Source: June 27, 2015 –

Donut picnic table Anyone who has ever endured a camping trip in the British countryside, I would suggest, after trying the Firzone portable sauna. At first – and perhaps every way you look at it – it appears ridiculous. Ever looked at foil-wrapped runners recovering … Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Here are some items that you may want to take on your next trip.  I really liked the doughnut picnic table.  Looks like can also float.

Source: June 26, 2015 – camping –

Tornado RV safety

tornado If you live in a region that may be in the path of a tornado, you should have a plan to ensure your family’s safety.  Such a plan should involve preparing for the storm’s full force as well as the best location to ride it out.  The preparation can start as early as the NOAA “Tornado Advisory” announcement, but definitely immediately upon an upgrade to a “Tornado Warning.” Unlike a tornado safety plan for your home, a plan for your RV on the road, may vary widely.   Continue Reading

TQHQ says: Where I live we don’t have tornadoes, we do have earthquakes. Staying safe in a RV is vital to your survival.  Here are some tips you can use the next time you are caught in a storm

Source: June 25, 2015 –

Gas Vs. Diesel

gas versus diesel fuel for RV's Gas vs. diesel, when it comes to comparing engine choices in an automobile or light truck, is fairly straight forward.  However, the same can’t be said about such a difference when we are discussing today’s class “A” motorhomes.  The engine type and fuel are only a small part of the differences.  They are totally two separate animals, each with their advantages. The first thing that comes to mind is that the diesel would be far more fuel efficient than a gas model.  That is not necessarily true.   Continue Reading

TQHQ says: There are advantages and disadvantages to what type of fuel used in your rig. This article takes a look at both types of fuel to help you decide which is best for you.

Source: June 23, 2015 –

Flooding Closes Oklahoma Campgrounds

Flooding Closes Oklahoma Campgrounds Flooding is forcing the Army Corps of Engineers to cancel reservations for all of its campgrounds at Lake Tenkiller and Lake Eufaula. Reservations at Tenkiller’s Chicken Creek, Cookson Bend, Elk Creek, Petit Bay One, Petit Bay Two, Snake Creek and Strayhorn Landing are canceled through July. But at Eufaula, the Corps said it was canceling reservations through the end of the season, which is September 30th. The Corps later issued a clarification, saying Tenkiller Ferry Lake and Lake Eufaula are both open for recreation. It said as lake levels fall and it repairs campgrounds it will re-open campsites on a first-come, first-served basis. The Corps says its rangers, lake office staff, and volunteers are making repairs as quickly as possible. Continue Reading

TQHQ says: TBD Pending

Source: June 22, 2015 – RV News from RVBasics .com

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