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Amazing Homemade Camper


1954 Chevy Truck 3600

Here is a circa 1954 Chevrolet Pickup 3600 with a stepside bed. The normal engine to power this truck is a 235 6 cyl combined with a manual transmission. The engine is rated at 105 horsepower at 3600 RPM.  The GVW is 6900 lbs. In 1954 there were several design change to the truck. First it is the first year that the windshield is a curved one-piece glass without center vertical dividing strip caravan. On the step side bed the Cargo bed rails, previously angled, now horizontal. The tail lights are now round instead of rectangular. Also the front grille changed from five horizontal slats to crossbar design commonly referred to as a “bull nose” grille.  This is the model 3600 truck making it a 3/4 ton with 8 lug wheels.
Body and chassis info…
  • Class: Pickup truck
  • Body style: 2-door truck
  • Layout: Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive
  • Platform: GM A platform

The Camper

This is a home built custom Gypsy Vardo style camper.  The walls are constructed of horizontal wood planks.  There is some nice woodworking skills on this camping unit.  The roof as the distinctive arched top that is common with this style of camper.  It has a cab over section that hangs over the truck cab.  A section of the roof is raised and appears that it will open up.  The front end with a unique design is both angled and arch that add style and a little bit aerodynamics.  The rear door is double wide swinging with a horizontal split.  Take note of the side mounted propane tank indicating the presence of a gas stove and maybe a gas ice box.
Chevy Truck Homemade Wood Camper

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