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Charming Ford MK1 Transit Camper Will Make You Smile

Ford Transit MK1 Truck Camper

Here is a classic Ford Transit MK1 with a CI (Caravans International) camper. It is considered a Class C motor home because the chassis mounted camper has a full walk through to the living area. From the design of the grill the year of this vehicle is circa 1977.

GMC 3500HD with Provan Tiger Camper

Chevy Truck Fiberglass Camper

2009′ GMC 3500HD Duramax/Allison Dually Diesel with Tiger Class C Motor home. The Provan Tiger is a lightweight, durable welded aluminum framed camper that supports surrounding wood, fiberglass, and insulation. The unit is toped with a one piece fiberglass roof.  The raised roof provides interior ceiling height of 6′-5″.  This unit is great for all Continue Reading