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Fiberglass Camper Mounted to Flat Bed Truck

fiberglass camper on flat bed truck

Here is a pop up fiberglass slide in camper mounted on a utility flatbed. The truck is a 1980 four wheel drive Mercedes Unimog 1300. This utility vehicle is capable of traveling off road. This four wheel drive truck could go just about anywhere in the desert. Blazing your own road and going where no one has gone before.

1969 Dodge D200 Truck Alaskan Camper

Dodge D200 Camper Special

c. 1969 Dodge D series Camper Special 4×4 truck with an Alaskan pop up camper. Original bed is replaced by utility bed to provide extra storage. Some attempt was made to include some camouflage to the utility box. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDeliciousPintrest