FUNWHOLE Lighting Truck Camper Building Set

  • Exclusive Lighting Design: We have designed warm and thoughtful lighting for this camper van, with a retro truck style and dim yellow lights that will take you back to those nostalgic and beautiful old times.
  • Authentic Camper Details: Furnished with dining table, kitchenette, sofa, bathroom, flip-open roof and sleeping area. Open the canvas on the side of the vehicle and enjoy a shaded area while camping. The other side features a ladder design, perfect for lounging on the roof and stargazing at night. 2 solar panels capture and convert the sun’s energy into electricity.
  • Detachable Structure Design: Featuring a detachable design, the upper part of the car can be removed individually. This allows you to customize the interior details at your preferences, making it into a unique and personalized car.
  • Home Entertainment: This RV building model playful building bricks set and unique LED light design add more fun for both adults and kids. It brings you and your family the joy of camping together, allowing you to put aside busy work and enjoy an adventurous journey.

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