Molten Orange Ford Raptor Phoenix Camper

Molten Orange Ford Raptor Phoenix Camper


Birds of prey are also known as raptors. These birds feed on other animals. The origin of the word means to take by force. These birds have amazing eye site, have sharp powerful talons and curved beaks for tearing flesh. For the most part these animals are predatory.

Ford F150 SVT Raptor

The base vehicle for this truck camper is the Ford F150 SVT Raptor. The Raptor name is appropriate for this bad to the bone Ford truck.This is an excellent platform for adventurer who want to explore the back country. The drive train is a rugged 4WD making it perfect for off road adventure. The cargo box on this one is only 5.5 feet short bed.

Pop Up Camper

To complete this rig a Phoenix pop up camper is mount to the truck bed. Pop up campers provide low profile and reduced wind resistance. When heading out in the wilderness all an explorer needs to do is park and pop up the top for a comfortable nights rest.

To make it appear integral to the truck the camper has been painted Molten Orange to match the truck. To add to the “oneness” the digital mud graphic has been made to match the truck’s.

The Phoenix camper has is quite self contained. It includes a a refrigerator, three-burner stove, a double sink, a water tank and pump, queen-size air mattress with an electric pump and a dinette.


The first Phoenix Pop Up Campers were built in 1988.  They used many well founded design concepts first developed in vintage FWC.  Of course improvements were made to accommodate multiple applications. Around 2007 the product line grew with the introduction of revolutionary truck camper design, they offered a full interactive custom order process.  Camper were built factory direct. The company focus is on developing the most person, tough, best performing off road camper on the market.

Phoenix Camper


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